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FaithStream TV

FaithStream TV

Be abundantly blessed with Christian television in your home! By purchasing  FaithStream TV you will enjoy all your favourite Christian shows, music, movies, ministries and much more all in one place.

We know that you are going to love FaithStream!
So let your inner geek come out and Start Faith Streaming today!

$299.00 $269.00

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Package name: FaithStream TV

Service type: Internet

Requirement: Internet connection – Perform speed test


Cost: $299 $269


Online self-support

No ongoing fees

12 months warranty


FaithStream TV


HDMI cable

AC power adapter

Start watching in just a few steps

Plug it in

Connect to TV

Connect to internet
(WiFi or Ethernet)

Enjoy Christian TV

Behind the scenes

Order is created

We configure your FaithStream TV

We package and ship your FaithStream TV

Need help setting up?