The simple answer is no. This is subject to you having a fast internet connection which will allow you to use our streaming service. If your internet does not meet our requirements, we suggest that you get a satellite dish.
Currently we are able to offer you 200+ 24/7 TV channels, three (3) 24/7 children's channels, over fifty (50) radio channels and a number of news channels from a variety of sources from around the world.
There are currently over 140 Christian channels in a number of languages other than English. Some of the languages include, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Franch, German, Romanian, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Polish and many more.
Postage for both Stream and Stream+ packages is FREE Australia wide.
Channels on the FaithStream platform will work anywhere in the world (Stream package only). Currently we are shipping to Australia only. We are exploring the possibility of expanding to other countries soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated or send us a message.
You don't need a computer. You will need a TV or a monitor to plug in our media player.
If there is a channel that you would like to see on FaithStream, please go to our contact page and write us a message, asking about the channel you would like to be added. Please provide as much information as you can about the channel (name, language, availability, website, etc).
Please go to our contact page and ask us there.


Yes. Once you sign up to one of our plans payments will be automatically and securely debited from your nominated credit/debit card.
We use Pin Payments as the payment gateway. They provide a safe and secure online payment processing facilities which are easy to use. A encrypted connection is established using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and is enforced when purchasing a plan.
No. We encourage that you use our simple online signup and payment processing facility.
We acept any Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards.
There might be other fees associated with some plans. Please see details for each of our plans for more information and detailed rate card.
Please go to our contact page and ask us there.


All you need to provide is a television set and WiFi router. We will provide the rest.
Please use our free speed test tool to determine your broadband speed. 3Mbps download speed is recommended to stream the channels in Standard Definition (SD).
Yes. All our set top boxes have a composite RCA connection as well. This will enable you to connect our IPTV and Satellite decoders to any TV.
Always use an Ethernet connection, if it is possible. This will ensure the most reliable streaming experience. Otherwise WiFi will also work.
Please go to our contact page and ask us there.